Your Property, Our Focus

It's your property.  Whether you bought it to develop or hold as an investment or operate your business on it, you have it for a reason.  No one cares more about that than you.  So when the State or some other public-use entity threatens to take your property, it can seem overwhelming.  They have this incredible power, the right to take your property, and you don't get a lot of say.  They control how much they will take and when they will take it.

But when it comes to how much they have to pay, you do get a say.  You have the right to contest their offer and recover full compensation not only for the market value of what they are taking but the decreased market value of what you are left with after the taking.

We can help.  At McFarland PLLC, we have collective experience of over 30 years representing property owners in maximizing their recoveries for the taking of private property for highway, roadway, and other public infrastructure projects that impact retail, commercial, industrial and special uses of land.  It's our focus.