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We Are Condemnation Lawyers. Exclusively.

A condemnation case is often the most significant legal issue a property owner will face. At McFarland PLLC, we recognize this. We are dedicated to maximizing your recovery for the taking of your private property. Backed by extensive experience litigating against state, county, and local governments and private entities that have been delegated the power of eminent domain, our attorneys fight to get the best possible result for our property owner clients.

Our experience includes condemnation and eminent domain matters across the State of Texas for roadway, highway, pipeline, electric transmission line, drainage, and flood control projects impacting retail, commercial, industrial, and special-purpose properties.

Charles McFarland heads the firm’s practice. Charles became board certified in Civil Trial Law by trying condemnation cases to Texas juries. He frequently lectures on eminent domain and land use issues. Learn more about our condemnation attorneys by clicking on their profiles here:

The Fight Is in Us

You won’t find us in an interview in the newspaper or on cable news. You will find us at the courthouse, fighting on behalf of our clients to protect their property rights and maximize their recovery when the State comes to take their private property for public use. You don’t get board certified in civil trial law by giving interviews, you get board certified by trying cases.

There is no doubt that our team’s trial experience gives us an edge in evaluating and settling cases short of trial, but where we thrive is in the courtroom. It’s why we have one of the largest jury verdicts ever against the State and why Charles McFarland has won more verdicts on his number for landowners than any other lawyer since he began his practice over 25 years ago.

To learn more about our practice or how we can be of assistance, call our Texas firm of McFarland PLLC at 713-325-9700 or email us today.