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Industrial-Use Properties Leaders in Industrial Property Condemnation Proceedings

While industrial is often viewed as a subset of the commercial classification, industrial properties often have use-specific logistical, access, and locational needs that differ from other commercial uses and can be overlooked in the condemning authority appraiser’s assessment of the property’s market value before the taking or the taking’s impact on the site’s function, and therefore market value, after the taking.

Industrial-use properties have site-selection criteria that emphasize the site’s ability to accommodate the operations expected to occur on the property. These can include access of the site for large trucks, the size of the property and its achievable density or land-to-building ratio, proximity to established trade routes, and the availability of long-haul fiber options from national carriers in close proximity to the site. These criteria are often specific to the industrial user and thus impacts resulting from an acquisition will differ from case to case.

McFarland PLLC has extensive experience with condemnation cases involving all manner of industrial uses of property, including business parks, manufacturing, distribution centers, general warehouses, flex space, showroom buildings, research and development, and data centers. Because we understand what goes into a successful industrial site, we know when an acquisition damages the functionality of a site and how to make sure the owner is compensated for this impact.

Charles McFarland is board-certified in civil trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is one of just two lawyers in the state that earned this distinction by trying condemnation cases. He has won more jury verdicts for landowners than any other attorney in the state, including one of the largest jury verdicts ever achieved in a Texas condemnation case.

A good settlement is better than a great verdict. But it is a fact that great verdicts result in better settlements for our landowner clients. While we cherish our opportunities to get into the courtroom and fight for our clients, our laser focus always is on maximizing our clients’ net recovery.

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