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“It was a pleasure to work with Charles McFarland and his team at McFarland. Our community is an equestrian style acreage residence with 41 homeowners/landowners. The communities only amenity was a 41-acre riding park dedicated for equestrian use. We received notifications from the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) that our amenity was to be taken via condemnation for flood control use for Little Cypress Creek. This situation was dire as with being a small community, we did not have the expertise needed to engage in legal action against HCFCD and sought to engage with a law firm whose expertise could help stop this condemnation situation and/or if taken, would provide sufficient monetary compensation to the Home Owners Association and its residence. Our HOA interviewed multiple firms, some of which who were working with other private homeowners and other HOA’s in the same area, all of which were more interested in their interest of selling the amenity and not fighting to keep it, which was our residents’ primary intention. Upon meeting with Mr. McFarland and discussing our objectives, he was the only attorney who showed the same interests as our residents and if not successful, obtain as much compensation as possible. After a couple of years in a legal battle with HCFCD, the end result was we had to sell the property, which McFarland and his team were able to do with a substantial compensation package that exceeding the county’s initial offer. Through multiple negotiations between the county and McFarland, our residence was also able to retain the use of the developed retention system for equestrian riding for our residence, which exceeded our expectations when this situation occurred. The dedication of Charles and his team was phenomenal and provided the best compensation during these difficult times. The residents of Saddle Ridge Estates are truly appreciative of all the efforts put forth and highly recommended McFarland for any eminent domain and condemnation situations.” –Justin Morgan, Cordyne

“McFarland is an eminently qualified condemnation and litigation firm. I would highly recommend their group.” –Ed James, Streetwise Retail Advisors

“Charles is a brilliant lawyer and even more brilliant litigator. I have used dozens of law firms over my 30-year career and McFarland is one of the very best I have seen on either side of the table.” –Daniel Signorelli, President, The Signorelli Company

“Charles McFarland and his team at McFarland made a very confusing and stressful process understandable and tolerable. His is respected by his peers and TxDOT. Should we ever find ourselves in a situation regarding eminent domain or condemnation again, we would undoubtingly hire McFarland. Top-notch firm across the board.” –Chris Allen, P30G, Synergy, Meridian

“Charles McFarland is an expert in eminent domain. I would highly recommend McFarland to anyone who needs competent, rational, experienced and versatile counsel to navigate condemnation proceedings in Texas, including maximizing compensation for a taking or other case related strategic advice. Charles understands his clients’ unique objectives, goals and internal processes and works together with them to achieve the desired goal. In the process, he presents information that makes it easy to make informed decisions. His team is organized, precise and easy to work with.” –Laura Tehrani, Realty Income

“I simply cannot say enough great things about working with Charles McFarland and his entire staff at McFarland. We went through six commissioners’ court hearings and two property mediations, and everything was absolutely amazing from the research, the choice of expert witnesses, his court demeanor, and especially his ability to be one step ahead of all opposing council. One thing that stands out as well was when I relayed to the opposing side that I was being represented by McFarland, the response was “Charles?” It stood out because the tone was one of “damn.” Apparently, McFarland is not a firm TXDOT wants to challenge. They are the best in my opinion and achieved a reward that was 300% above the initial offer and my expectations. I was very fortunate to have been represented by McFarland and would never consider any other firm.”– Mitch Zarsky

“Charles McFarland of McFarland does an excellent job evaluating the impact of a taking and developing the appropriate strategy for the circumstances. He is responsive and guides you through the process with confidence and clarity.”

“Charles and Marie of McFarland oversaw an inverse condemnation lawsuit for our partnership and was successful in the negotiation of a fair settlement against a municipality in a mediation. McFarland is excellent, and I would highly recommend them to anyone involved in any condemnation proceeding.” –Peter Jacob, Rubicon Realty

“Rubicon has engaged McFarland on two separate condemnation cases. In both cases, they exceeded our expectations. Charles was excellent to work with and kept us informed on a daily basis. Should we need any help with condemnation, McFarland will be our go-to attorneys to represent us.” –Scott W. Weaver, Rubicon Realty Group, LLC

“Charles McFarland and his team at McFarland are extremely professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law. We would recommend McFarland 10 out of 10 times.” –Brett Youngquist, Youngquist Brothers

“I had a difficult situation with eminent domain on our ranch. Charles McFarland of McFarland put my anxiety to rest and arranged for a very appropriate contract. He is superb. He was easily accessible, extremely knowledgeable in his field and arranged a very satisfactory situation for my wife and myself.” –Sherwin Siff, Five Star Wagyu Ranch

“The attorneys of McFarland were very professional and were experts in their field. I was very pleased with the outcome of the case.”

“It’s a great relief to have Charles McFarland’s expert advice when assessing complex situations. I highly recommend McFarland!” –Anna Sabayrac Marchand, Pappas Restaurants, Inc.

“We initially contacted McFarland because of Charles McFarland’s reputation as the preeminent eminent domain attorney in the Houston area. After meeting with Charles, it was clear that his knowledge and experience were extensive, and it was evident that his reputation was well-earned. Charles and his associates were great to work with throughout the process and were instrumental in securing an outcome that we believed was fair and equitable.” –AJ Alexander, Laser Shot Simulations

“Charles and everyone at McFarland are so quick to respond to any questions we may have. They break down the process and explain it really well. They are on top of it at all times, which is why I am working with them on our second case. When TxDot gave us a notice of acquiring our property to expand the road, I had no doubt in my mind I wanted to use McFarland!” –Falaq Dhuka, Mola Ventures

“McFarland was successful in winning a condemnation no other firm could. Their approach to aggressively defending landowners’ rights is paramount. I highly recommend McFarland if your property rights are being infringed.” –Matthew Lawson, Rise Communities

“McFarland are the best eminent domain and condemnation lawyers in Texas. Their knowledge of the law and the market is second to none. McFarland offers us, as a landowner, the greatest value of what our land is truly worth and the consideration for the true damages that have been taken.”

“McFarland’s expertise is clear and reassuring to the client.”

“McFarland attorneys are very knowledgeable and responsive.”

“McFarland is a great firm to work with. They know what they are doing.” –Trey Harris, Colony Ridge

“Charles Mc Farland knows more about the condemnation process than anyone in Texas. He guides his clients effectively and successfully to an acceptable resolution. Quite simply, McFarland is the best at what he does.” –John Ballis, Park Blocks, Ltd.

“McFarland is our go-to law firm in the Houston Area. They are experts in this space and deftly navigate the thorny issues that arise in this space.”

“McFarland is the best attorney.”

“McFarland’s expert knowledge helped us receive a favorable award in our complex and unique case.” –Jeff Lyon, Redfish Island, Inc.

“As a highly experienced condemnation attorney, Charles McFarland has an unparalleled work ethic that is truly admirable. His dedication to his clients is evident in the tireless efforts he puts in to ensure their rights are protected and their interests are safeguarded. McFarland’s deep knowledge of the law is also a remarkable attribute that sets him apart from other attorneys. He has an exceptional understanding of the legal complexities surrounding condemnation cases, and his insights are invaluable in achieving successful outcomes for his clients. Furthermore, his impressive trial experience has been an asset in helping his clients navigate the complexities of the legal system. McFarland’s courtroom presence is commanding, and his arguments are articulate and persuasive. Overall, I would highly recommend Charles McFarland to anyone seeking a skilled and experienced condemnation attorney. His unwavering work ethic, in-depth legal knowledge, and extensive trial experience make him a top-notch attorney who consistently delivers exceptional results for his clients.” –B. John Ballis, Park Blocks Ltd.

“Mark Merrell of McFarland has and continues to be a great point of contact to handling any issues we face with acquisitions. His professionalism and his ability to make most matters hands-off is what I appreciate. I inform him of the situation, and he handles the rest very efficiently.”

“McFarland was highly effective in helping us secure compensation in a complex condemnation matter. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm for having the best condemnation attorneys in Texas.” –Brontë Prins, Southern Land Company

“McFarland is highly competent.” –Rick Sheldon, Rick Sheldon Real Estate

“Charles McFarland has helped me with three different condemnation proceedings. We were very pleased with his professionalism and with the results he got.” –Beth Brown, MEBB Enterprises

“Simply put the McFarland Law Firm is the best at what they specialize in. Their knowledge, expertise, focus, analysis and negotiation of cases involving Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law provides their clients with the best representation available. I was impressed with the negotiation process from beginning to end and felt well represented. Charles McFarland handled my case as if I was a large institutional client (which I am not). Charles is the consummate professional in this area of law. I spoke with three different law firms before deciding on representation and I clearly made the right decision by choosing the McFarland Law Firm.” –Reid Friedman, PLC Capital Corporation

“In real estate matters, we turn to McFarland for everything.” –Robert Lanham, Williams Brothers Construction Co., Inc.

“Charles McFarland exercised excellent knowledge of condemnation law, which was extremely useful in my complicated and unique case. His counsel and patience was very much appreciated.” –Jeff Lyon, Redfish Island, Inc.

“Charles McFarland does an excellent job evaluating the impact of a taking and developing the appropriate strategy for the circumstances, from negotiated resolution to trial. He is organized, responsive, and innovative in his approach to valuation and related legal issues. In one particularly contentious matter, his trial presentation was outstanding, resulting in a verdict for 100% of the requested compensation in 30 minutes.”

“McFarland is recognized in industry circles as the BEST at eminent domain and condemnation law. They are our attorney of choice in ANY and ALL property related matters.”

“Great expertise, and we received a great result. I would definitely hire them again”

“Excellent service and expertise. They are the leaders in this field. I have watched them educate lawyers on the other side!”

“My condemnation case involved a very unique property, which posed difficult hurdles in the Texas condemnation process. Charles McFarland helped navigate each of these frustratin hurdles with a successful outcome.” –Jeff L

“Charles McFarland exercised excellent knowledge of condemnation law, which was extremely useful in my complicated and unique case. His counsel and patience was very much appreciated.”

“Charles McFarland is the best.” – Syed B.

“Great working with the McFarland firm, especially Laura Manion. They were very knowledgeable, responsive and accessible. The outcome was amazing.” – Barbara R.

“Charles McFarland represented us and advised us competently in a condemnation proceeding. He achieved a significantly higher award for the condemnation than initially awarded. Charles responded timely, gave competent advice and was attuned to our concerns and objectives. I would highly recommend Charles McFarland for any condemnation proceeding in the State of Texas.” – Laura T.

“He is a first class lawyer. I have been in the real estate business for 37 years. Charles McFarland has handled two condemnation proceedings for me and he is thoughtful, cerebral and talented.”

“Charles and the lawyers at McFarland are extremely smart and thorough. Glad to have both Charles and Laura in our corner when we need them. We have used the firm twice and were pleased both times.”

“McFarland is bold, creative and best in this space.”

“I’ve had an outstanding experience working with McFarland’s vast knowledge of condemnation proceedings.” – Frank M.

“McFarland is one of the best law firms I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside.” – Steve M.

“We have worked with Charles McFarland for the past 3-4 years on TxDOT condemnation cases with multiple land owners. I have always trusted Charles’s experience and recommendations. Charles is a very knowledgeable attorney in this area of expertise and is also a very rational person.”

“McFarland did a great job taking care of us.” – Ed M.

“Mr. McFarland has taken the time to understand what he is representing.”

“Charles McFarland does a wonderful job. He really knows condemnation law and gets great results for his clients!”

“McFarland is the absolute best in the field. They excel in their work because they specialize in their areas of expertise. You know you are in good hands right from the start. The level of attention to the client and the presentation of information necessary to make an informed decision are outstanding. I would never use anyone else.”

“McFarland in our estimation is the best at his specialty. No one else handles this business line for us.”

“Charles is a pleasure to work with. He is to the point, patient and always willing to explain every step of the process to us. We have worked with Charles for the past 5 years on multiple TxDOT condemnations and he has faithfully taken us through the process with great success.” – Joanne S.

“McFarland has excellent and astute attorneys and substantive advisers. Insightful management and approach to my difficult and lengthy case was very factual and yet reassuring. Bases on my three years of experience with Mr. Charles B. McFarland, I would highly recommend him.” – Massoud R.