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Stopping a Condemnation

Texas landowners facing condemnation proceedings are seldom happy to give up their property, even if they can recover a large award The power of eminent domain is great: it gives governmental entities and certain private parties acting under delegated authority broad powers in taking land for public use. In most cases, there is little a landowner can do to stop a condemnation.

This does not mean landowners are powerless in these conflicts. In fact, they are far from it, as the attorneys at McFarland PLLC well know. Our law firm stands up for the rights of landowners facing condemnation actions throughout Texas. While the power of eminent domain law is broad, landowners have rights that must be respected. Our attorneys are here to help you exercise those rights to their absolute maximum potential.

If the condemnation is not legal, we can take urgent and decisive action to stop it. An unlawful condemnation occurs when:

  • The party attempting to take your land has not been delegated the public power of eminent domain.
  • The party does not intend to use the acquired land for public use.
  • The party does not offer the landowner fair and just compensation for the land.

In most condemnation cases, the first two criteria are met. The best means for landowners to assert their rights, therefore, is the third point: by compelling the condemning entity to pay full and fair value for the land they are taking.

Maximizing Recovery

This is the area of eminent domain law in which our law firm routinely excels. We have a long and proven record of success helping landowners recover fair and just compensation in condemnation actions, including one of the largest jury verdicts ever obtained against the State of Texas.

McFarland PLLC employs an experience-driven approach that includes an early deep-dive analysis of the offer and communication to the client of expectations. We work with a trial-tested team of experts and consultants towards a strategic preparation of the compensation case. At all stages, we focus on our client’s net recovery. Finally, we try the cases that have to be tried. We painstakingly prepare cases to exert maximum pressure on the entities seeking to take our clients’ land. Our thorough approach to evaluating property and understanding its market value allows us to negotiate from a position of strength and, when necessary, advocate for our clients’ interests in court.

The Best Possible Position

If appropriate, we will fight to help you keep your land. If that is simply not possible, we will draw upon our extensive trial experience to help you maximize your financial recovery. To explore your options with an experienced condemnation attorney in Texas, contact our law firm online or by telephone at 713-325-9700.