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Charles McFarland to Speak at Texas Eminent Domain Conference

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Charles McFarland will present at CLE International’s Texas Eminent Domain SuperConference February 10-11, 2020 in Austin.  In his presentation “Picking Fights: Inverse Condemnation, Regulatory Takings, and Challenging the Right to Take,” Mr. McFarland will address the opportunities for landowners to respond when government action impacts private property rights.

“In most condemnation cases, the government picks the fights, it determines what it will take, when it will take it, and the use to which the taking will be put,” stated McFarland. “The landowner is left to fight only the amount of compensation to be paid.”

“When government exceeds or abuses its authority, however, the landowner has to decide whether to fight the governmental action, or to accept it,” he explained.  “This presentation addresses how and when to pick those fights, and what they might look like.”

The CLE International Eminent Domain Conference in Austin focuses on Texas condemnation law and policy, highlighting timely and relevant topics eminent domain professionals face regularly in their work.  More information about the conference is available here.