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Will the Texas Central High-Speed Train affect your property?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Eminent Domain |

High-speed railway projects are increasingly popular around the world. In many other countries, high-speed rail projects have already helped rural workers get reasonable access to better work and helped companies transport goods and materials quickly and affordably.

Now, there is currently a high-speed rail project planned here in Texas. The Texas High-Speed Train could possibly change the way that Texans commute and transport goods in the near future. The project is currently in the permitting stage, meaning that actual development could be underway in the upcoming months or years.

While millions of people in Texas could benefit from the Texas High-Speed Train, there will also likely be hundreds of property owners who will feel the effects of the creation of the infrastructure for this planned route.

Where will the Texas High-Speed Train run?

The current project would span roughly 240 miles, running from Dallas to Houston, with another stop in Brazos Valley along the way. It would cover that distance in just 90 minutes, making even a 200-mile daily commute a possibility for people in Texas.

Homeowners, business owners, investors and even ranchers with properties along the path of the Texas High-Speed Train may eventually find themselves facing condemnation of their property under eminent domain laws. The company claims that it will do its best to be respectful and to negotiate in good faith with the property owners affected by the project.

Can you fight against the condemnation of real property?

There are circumstances in which property owners as individuals or as a group may be able to contest the condemnation of their property under Texas eminent domain laws. Often, if the project that requires the condemnation of private property is in the public interest, owners will not have the option of declining the sale of their property.

However, they may be able to negotiate more favorable terms related to the sale of their property, especially if the company or agents making an offer did not offer fair market value for the property. Learning more about eminent domain and the condemnation process in Texas can help you prepare yourself if your property might be one of the ones affected by the Texas High-Speed Train.