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The eminent domain bar lost a legend in Gideon Kanner’s passing.

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Firm News |

I will never forget his description of me in Gideon’s Trumpet—referring to an article I had written on the Supreme Court’s Kelo v. City of New London—as a “practicing lawyer who gives us a practitioner’s perspective on eminent domain,” a kind of double warning to his readers not to expect too much erudition from perhaps the most erudite lawyer I’ve ever met. He also called me “astute,” which is high praise when you consider the source, although this was probably a play on words. I never got to ask him.

Anyway, Gideon’s quoting of my article remains a highlight of my career. A link to the blog post is below. A warning of my own: Gideon’s posts are so clear, concise, and insightful that you can find yourself scrolling through many more of them than you planned. I promise it will be time well spent and, perhaps, a fitting memorial to a towering intellect.