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What to Know if You Own a Business Along the I-45 Expansion

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Small Business |

More than 7,000 TxDOT projects are currently active or expected to begin this year with about $12.4 billion (with a “B”) in state infrastructure spending earmarked for Houston. We’ve been hearing from landowners and businesses located along I-45 with fears of government seizing their property or displacing their businesses.

McFarland PLLC Founder Charles McFarland recently address some of these fears in a “BizVoice” column for the Houston Business Journal entitled “What to Know if you Own a Business Along the I-45 Expansion.” In the article, Charles expands on the following five basic concepts related to eminent domain and condemnation law:

  • Until the state has taken your property, it hasn’t.
  • You will receive an offer. You can wait to engage legal counsel until that happens.
  • You do not need a lawyer to accept the offer – but a good one will make sure you understand your full rights.
  • The acquisition process is critical (and your only opportunity) to negotiate fair compensation for your land.
  • You can fight City Hall — you just need to know the process.

For more details, read the article “What to Know if you Own a Business Along the I-45 Expansion.